Many things in life come with opposing results. Successes don’t occur without failures, victories without defeats, joy without suffering, peace without conflict. We birthed Summer Glamp as an independent day camp out of the difficulties of a heavily regulated conference camp. It was the loss of a larger community for the gain of familial intimacy, the death of traditional offerings for the life of new activities, the demise of a comfortably established camp for the excitement of an untested system. To summarize, it was the living nightmare of a structured person with only a dream of what it could become.

Fortunately, summer camp is not about the people planning, overseeing, or evaluating it, but rather about what the Lord is prepared to do in the lives of those partaking. I cannot thank enough everyone who prayed for Summer Glamp. It was your prayers in partnership with the working of the Holy Spirit that led to the Spirit’s working in drawing over 20 students to make spiritual decisions! We know two students who received salvation and 14 who responded to the confirmation of the Holy Spirit’s presence in their life!

Rather than focus on the fun activities, biblical classes, and general fun, I would instead focus on the continued work of the Lord. Since camp, we have seen more youth come to know the Lord, more outreach from our group towards others, and an increased interest in getting regularly involved in the increase and overflow ministries! It is still my prayer and desire to see the Lord work in the lives of youth. To that end, the current volunteers and I endeavor in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. But there is room for further partnership. Please continue to pray for the youth of SEC and pray that if it is the Lord’s will, He will lead you to get involved in the work happening within their lives.

Pastor Daniel


The following is from one of our youth that attended Summer Glamp:

When I heard that camp this year was going to be a day camp combined with the middle school I had no idea what to expect and honestly I wasn’t super excited, but in all honesty it was one of the best, most memorable summer camps I have experienced. 

Not only were the activities super fun, but so many people experienced the Holy Spirit move in so many powerful ways. We heard the word of Christ through classes taught by Rachel Lee, Lisa Brown and Josh Bray as well as through Daniel Lee and his messages.

But the messages and classes weren’t the only fun things, there were so many fun group games and competitions as well as bonding times that really helped to bring us together through laughter and fun times. I am so glad I got to be part of the Glamp experience and am so thankful that God really showed himself to me and everyone else in a truly tangible way.”

– Eleanor, 16