May 8th, 2020

Update #11

Good day Salem Evangelical Church Family and Beyond…

I am being asked more and more what I am doing to get the church reopened.  I will now give you an update on what I have been doing.

  1. I am praying often for Divine intervention.
  2. I am in constant communication with Representative Post.
  3. I crafted a three phase plan to reopen churches effective June 7, 2020 using the guidelines of the CDC and OHA.
  4. Through the efforts of Representative Post my plan has been submitted to the Republican Caucus, Governor Brown, our Congressman and our County Commissioners.
  5. Through the efforts of Representative Post I was able to have a one on one meeting with the state representative for Congressman Schrader.
  6. Through the efforts of Representative Post I had a phone meeting with County Commissioner Willis and then invited the following week to join a meeting with over 100 ministers and a health representative from the State of Oregon as well as a representative from the Governor’s office.
  7. My plan was given to a businessman to share with other businessmen with full support.
  8. I have met with our church staff updating them on these efforts.
  9. We are prepared to open the church the moment they allow us to with all safety measures in place as well as rules of social distancing.  All estimates in every room on campus have been made.  This portion of reopening has been led by Jim Neifert who has done an outstanding job on this front.
  10. I have encouraged people in the church who have contacted lawyers to continue to pursue all avenues.  I am attempting to do the same this afternoon.
  11. I have offered my time to any elected official who will listen to me through the efforts of Representative Post.
  12. I am scheduled to do a radio interview in the Portland market on Monday afternoon.  Please be praying for me as I hope at least one segment of the interview will afford me an opportunity to make my case for opening churches.
  13. I am in conversation today with people to further our options to open churches.
  14. If any of you have suggestions of things I could be doing to reopen churches, I am certainly open to your suggestions.

In Christ,

Pastor Randy R. Butler