“A Visit from the Savior”
By Dr. Lewis R Shelton
A take-off on “A Visit from Saint Nicholas”


Twas the night before Christmas in a land far away,
No hope seemed apparent, many lived in dismay.
The Governor issued orders placing people on the move; No problem for God’s plans, simply put things in the groove.

The prophecies had been given, the time and place named, Most seemed unaware, the sense of God’s promise unclaimed. The angels came announcing the divine plan in advance;
The obedient, ordained couple prepared for the dance.

Places for lodging were hard pressed to be found, But the provisions of God will always abound.
The animals quite calmly simply welcomed a stranger, As the Creator of the Universe was laid in a manger.

History now interrupted, Satan’s plan a sudden disgrace,
The Savior of the world—as an infant—took His place.
Heaven’s host filled with music, prepared their voices to declare; While a band of weary shepherds prepared for sleep, unaware.

The announcement was given, the music filled the sky, Hearing the news of the angels, the shepherds said, “O my!” “On shepherds, on sheep,” O angels, what a night!
Mary smiled at their arrival, her heart filled with delight.

Sky watchers from the East fell upon the heavenly sign, A star in the heavens declaring quintessential design. They followed its movements, not knowing for sure, What significance it held, simply sensing it was pure.

Their path led them directly to the city of a king,
But ole Herod had to admit, he didn’t know a thing.
The scriptures revealed where the miracle took place; The little town of Bethlehem, the entrance of God’s grace.

The birth of the baby brought the reality of salvation, Humanity’s hope now among us, a living demonstration. God’s plan was revealed, the greatest story ever told; Let the carols resound, the news never grows old.

We gather to remember, our hearts filled with joyous song, May our message be clear, we dare not get it wrong.
God has sent us a Savior, send out a clarion call:
There’s forgiveness for sin, there’s salvation for all.