Dear Salem Evangelical Church Family and beyond,

July 3, 2020

I am sending you this email on Friday evening after  reading the Governor’s warning issued a few hours ago.  The good news is we still get to have church together with phase two numbers of up to 250 people!  Face coverings are required the entire time you are on the church property until further notice from the Governor.  Not wearing them is not an option unless you fit the guidelines stated.  Otherwise you must wear a mask the ENTIRE time you are at the church.  State officials are being dispatched to businesses to make sure compliance is maintained thru the weekend.  I have been advised of the consequences if not in compliance.  Further, I am responsible for keeping us in compliance.  People have told me that if forced to wear a covering they will not be attending.  I understand your position and your frustration.  Please do not protest the Governor’s order on the Lord’s Day. We have been told to avoid large gatherings and to urge people 65 and older and people with underlying health conditions to please stay home.  Thanks for your understanding and your patience.

If you have questions about my email or a comment I will respond to anyone who contacts me tonight, tomorrow or Sunday morning until I need to be at church.

In Christ,

Pastor Randy R. Butler