September 2, 2020

Dear Salem Evangelical Church Family,

Our plan is to be outside again this Sunday, September 6.  Please plan to bring a chair, a hat and some water.  We will be taking communion towards the end of the service.  You can pick up your communion at a station before you sit down for the service.  Communion will not be distributed during the service.  If you wish to stay in your car, the station you can hear the service on is 87.9 FM.

For the people who will be joining us on line this week we invite you to prepare your communion table in preparation for Sunday.

Because this is Labor Day weekend, we will not have classes during the day or prayer service in the evening.

We begin a new class on Wednesday nights on campus and live-streamed for those who want to watch from your home beginning September 9, 2020.  “The Truth Project” is an excellent video series with a workbook that lays out a biblical worldview for our faith.  This is a 12-week series that will conclude December 2.   For more information and to sign up (seats are limited by the executive order restrictions) and to purchase a book please contact the church office.  (Books are $10).

If you have an underlying condition and or are 65 years of age or older we urge you to stay at home to further protect yourself.  Staying in your car is an option and listening on 87.9 might be a satisfactory solution if concerned about exposure with others.  Both Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights are live-streamed.

A reminder that the governor requires face coverings for indoor gatherings.

The following are classes we are beginning in September and they are as follow…

Wednesday night beginning September 9th 6:30-7:45pm:

  1. Truth Project-East Sanctuary
  2. Preschool-1st grade-first floor of education wing (Sunday School curriculum)
  3. 2-5 grades-second floor of education wing (Sunday School curriculum)
  4. Mid High-gym-outreach
  5. High School-TBD-current curriculum

Sunday Nights 6-7pm:

  1. Prayer service-Worship Center
  2. 1-5 grade-Activity Center (outreach)
  3. Mid High-small group break out follow-up from Sunday morning
  4. High School-TBD-current curriculum

In Christ,

Pastor Randy R. Butler