Good morning Salem Evangelical Church Family,

To keep our services outside for as long as possible for all the obvious reasons, our 9:15 service will be at 5 P.M. this Sunday, September 20, 2020.  Classes that would be affected have been contacted for this time change.  You will be hearing from your class leader if this time change would affect your class meeting time.

Further, this will allow for possibly more people to attend the prayer service which will follow at around 6:15.  We will take a brief recess at around 6 for those who want to go home allowing people to reset for the prayer service which will start at around 6:15 and will conclude around 7.  The Pastor Parish Committee will be responsible for giving the congregation an update on how to best pray for the transition that is taking place at the end of the year and other items as they wish to share related to the search for a new pastor. (During the transition from the 5 pm service to the 6:15 pm service and during the prayer service, taking in equipment from the 5 pm service will be taking place.)

Further, people can then break into groups all around the grounds outside to pray together.  Or you may simply pray where you are seated.  When you are finished praying you may visit with one another or go home.

Further, we will decide each week, taking into consideration the rain, the fog and the chilly air as to the best time of day to have service.  It will either be at 9:15 or at 5 each week while we are trying to meet exclusively outside.  We will let you know each week our plans.

Further, at some point, we will move the singing and preaching inside and currently up to 100 people can attend with face coverings per the governor’s order.  We will set up sound in the drive thru and plan to move the tent forward near the drive through for those desiring to attend outside.

Further, all of this that I have just shared are tentative plans subject to change.  I am simply sharing with you our plans so you can better plan as we continue to work within the guidelines placed before us.  We are trying to be both creative and practical.  We are trying to accommodate as many people as possible for as long as possible working within the guidelines.

Thanks for your continued prayers, patience and understanding!

In Christ,

Pastor Randy R. Butler