September 11, 2020

Good Morning Salem Evangelical Church Family,

Today marks the anniversary of the attack on American soil and now how much differently we live our lives 19 years later.

2020 has been a year that has been and continues to be life changing too.

The fires raging out of control have already had an impact on our congregation.  Please, if you know of anyone who needs immediate help, do not hesitate to contact the church and we will help in whatever way we can.  We are grateful for the many that stand by ready to help.  As soon as we know the exact needs we will contact you.

We have some smoke smell in our facility and it got worse between Tuesday and Thursday.  Our air system pulls from the outside a certain percentage of air and because the air is so bad (hazardous level and forecast to stay that way through the weekend and perhaps beyond), I have been strongly advised to not have activities inside the facility until we can clear out the smoke.  Therefore, this Sunday, September 13 there will be no activities in the church building, classes, prayer meeting or any other gathering.  The only exception will be the brief time a few of us are in the Worship Center to livestream the Sunday morning service.  Please note, for any activities scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday we will send out a notice each morning by 8 am notifying you of the status of the building.  All activities at the church for today are cancelled too.

Further, with news of the outside air quality forecast being hazardous through the weekend and beyond and doctors now telling people to stay inside, we will not have an outdoor service this Sunday either.

These decisions do not come lightly or without much conversation with multiple sources, prayer and with information from local news, always trying to get current, accurate and reliable information.

We will be live streaming the church service at 9:15 this Sunday morning.  I am preparing a special message for Sunday entitled: “Hope, No Matter What is Happening”.  I will address specifically many of the current events that have piled up over 2020 and what God has to say about them.  Lord willing, I will continue my series from Ephesians the following Sunday.

I appreciate your faithfulness to the Lord, to S.E.C. and to your families and communities that we live in.  While these are days of uncertainty, we can be certain God is sovereign and we are cared for by Him every second of every day.  No matter what happens today, God loves you very much!

In Christ,

Pastor Randy R. Butler