Update on Search for Senior Pastor

September 9, 2020

As of September 1, the Search Committee (SC) has received 40 applications for the senior pastor position.  At the September 8th SC meeting, it was determined that 4 candidates merited further consideration.  The SC will conduct phone and Zoom interviews with these applicants to further evaluate their qualifications to determine whether they should be invited to speak at SEC.

The SC is encouraged that we are seeing some very good candidates.  Our goal is to narrow the list to 2-3 highly qualified candidates to submit to the Pastor-Parish Committee (PP) and Conference Superintendent for further review and possible selection as our new senior pastor.  In the event that a new senior pastor cannot be in place by the first of the year, the PP is making plans for an interim pastor to bridge the gap until the arrival of our new pastor.  We are confident that the LORD will provide just the right man if an interim pastor is needed.

Please Continue to Pray:

  • That the LORD will provide a Senior Pastor who is solid in the Word; “a man after God’s own heart.”
  • For wisdom and discernment from the Holy Spirit for the Search and Pastor-Parish Committees as we review candidates.
  • For unity and patience within the SC as we narrow the list of candidates.
  • For the man God has already chosen for our pastor, that he would clearly hear the LORD’s call and respond.
  • For unity and patience for our SEC Family as we wait on the LORD.
  • For Pastor Randy and Joanie for wisdom and discernment as they seek God’s direction for their lives.

“These all with one mind were continually devoting themselves to prayer” Acts 1:14a

If you have questions you would like to ask, please feel free to contact members of the Search Committee.

Doug Hoffman Chair  |  dhoffman@mercycompassion.org  |  503-931-9060

Mark Dettwyler |  medettwyler@msn.com |  503-932-4069

Cindy Lenker |  shelenker@gmail.com  |  503-420-9213

Jonathan Maurer |  jonathan@salemec.com  |  317-345-6575

Blaise Reavey |  bjreavey@gmail.com  |  503-428-7271

Rod Rosenkranz |  rodrosenkranz@gmail.com |  503-871-0393

Joanne Swinehart |  jswinehart54@gmail.com  |  503-932-8439

Wally Vohland |  wallyvohland46@gmail.com  |  503-581-9588

In His Service,

The SEC Search Committee