October 1, 2020

Good Morning Salem Evangelical Church Family,

Can you believe it, next month is Thanksgiving!  With the Fall season comes a change in the weather.  We are planning (weather permitting and Executive Orders permitting) to hold church outside once again at 5:00 PM. At this writing, the forecast is forecast to be 71 degrees this Sunday afternoon at around 5 pm!

Looking at the extended forecast, it appears the rains are coming soon, so stay tuned for plans for the church service location and time for October 11.  Once we move indoors, we will change back to 9:15 AM and will keep it that way throughout the remainder of the year.  We will continue to live stream regardless of where we meet or what time we meet.

Superintendent Randy Myers will be our guest speaker this Sunday.  He will bring a great message from Matthew 16:13-20, entitled, “Who do you say Jesus is?”.  You won’t want to miss hearing him.  He will be here for two Sundays.  His second message in this two-week series on October 11 will be, “The Church’s one foundation.” He will also be sharing about the search for a new Senior Pastor for a few minutes, to give you his perspective and his part in the process.

After the service, we will take a brief recess to allow people to go home or stay for the prayer service.  Doug will give an update on the search for a new Senior Pastor and how each person can best be praying.

You are welcome to stay and pray by yourself, with your family or with a prayer group of your choice.  You are welcome to pray either outdoors where there are fewer restrictions or indoors as we have been doing each week.

If you are 65 years of age or older and/or have a compromised system or an underlying condition that you are concerned about, we have several options for you other than mingling with people.  You are most welcome to come to the service and listen to it in your car on 87.9 FM.  We have some people who are doing this.  Or, you are welcome to continue watching the service in the comfort of your home and feel safe and secure as many are choosing to do.  The same executive orders are in place as have been for some time now.  We will encourage following these until further notices are made.

This Sunday is the Life Chain event taking place on two streets on each side of our facilities.  This event will run from 2:30-3:30. Signs will be provided for you.  Please do not bring your own sign.

I trust you will have a great rest of your week, hoping many participate in classes and services we are providing, to accommodate as many people as we possibly can, given the current restrictions.

Your prayers and words of encouragement are deeply appreciated.  Thanks for both!  Your continued financial support is making a tremendous difference.  Thanks for your faithfulness during this season of life.

In Christ,

Pastor Randy R. Butler