November 13, 2020

Good afternoon Salem Evangelical Church family…

Governor Brown gave a press conference today at noon that greatly effects the ministries at S.E.C.

  1. Beginning this Sunday morning we will be live streaming with no live audience in the Worship Center as the new restrictions are back down to 25 and personal responsibility is to begin today.  She stated it would be for two weeks but could go longer where there are hot spots of which Marion County has been a hot spot. Multnomah County is starting with a four-week lockdown.
  2. Beginning Sunday all classes, meetings and Bible studies are canceled until further notice. We will contact you throughout next week to begin trying to figure out how to compensate for these sudden changes.
  3. The memorial service for Marlene Bowers will be postponed until a later date can be secured.
  4. Girl’s night out is canceled this coming Thursday night.
  5. There may be an activity or two that seems uncertain as to whether it will happen or not. We will be working on Monday and the days following to cover those bases.
  6. Ministry leaders will reimplement practices we conducted in March to meet the needs of our congregation.

I know this news is terribly disappointing news and likely will cause further frustration and disappointments over decisions made by Oregon’s governor and decisions I am making to follow the orders.

I have a few suggestions that I am asking you to consider.  First, let’s give thanks to God for all He is doing in our hearts and lives and the marvelous times we have enjoyed together over recent months here at the church.  Reflect on the beautiful weather and outdoor services we had.  They were very special.  Give thanks.  Second, this is a tremendous opportunity to let our light shine in the face of adversity.  Give thanks.  Third, this is a marvelous time to keep focusing on a reset so that when we can come back we will be ready to love everyone, including those we disagree with.  Give thanks.  Fourth, perspective, perspective, perspective.  This will pass!  Give thanks.  Fifth, instead of fixating on circumstances we do not like, focus on Jesus and the Bible and prayer.  Give thanks.  As we approach Thanksgiving Day I leave you with this verse…I Thessalonians 4:18…”in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

I invite you to be watching and to invite others to livestream our service this Sunday and the Sundays to follow.  This Sunday I will be addressing the subject of spiritual warfare.  God’s timing is perfect!  I really enjoyed the early days when people were far more interactive during the service and your comments that followed with beautiful texts and emails.

The devil would want us to be divided over this news today.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could see this as a tool God could use to bring about unity in His church and a revival that could really change the world starting with each follower of Jesus.

Finally, encourage, encourage, encourage.  It is the perfect remedy to discouragement and frustration.

God bless you richly!

In Christ,

Randy R. Butler