Update – July 31, 2020 – 

Sunday, August 2, Church Service 

Over the past several months SEC has experienced weekly limitations and adjustments on how we meet as mandated by the governor’s office. Yet through the changes, thousands continue to experience Christ’s redeeming work being carried out through small groups and live streaming.  Each weekly challenge is met with, “Lord, what can we do to join You in reaching the people You desire for us to reach, bringing the truth of the Gospel?”  This week is no exception with conflicting mandates from the state regarding how many may be able to meet at the church.  Until we receive additional clarity, the number of people who may be able to attend the 9:15am Sunday Service an August 2nd will be 30 people.  By the time this reaches you it would be difficult for us to have you RSVP so we will open the Worship Center at 8:45am where the first 30 people will be able to attend live.  Additional people desiring to attend church will have live streaming available in the Activity Center.  Small group classes and prayer groups will continue to meet throughout the day starting at 11:00am.


Pastor Randy will lead us in communion this Sunday.  We encourage preparation of this time of reflection in your home for communion as we look to our Lord and Savior in all that he did for us on the cross.  This is a time to reflect on 1 Corinthians 11:26, “For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes.”  For believers this is an ongoing declaration of Christ’s redemptive work as we look forward by declaring the power of Jesus’ death and resurrection today and forever.

Live Streaming

We encourage you to check in with Pastor Randy’s live streaming both on Facebook and through our church website at salemec.com.  Randy brings “Encouraging Times” Monday through Friday at 1:00pm and “Words from Jesus” on Wednesdays at 6:30pm.  If you are unable to watch the streams at the designated times they can be watched at a later time.

VBS “Slime Week”

SEC will not be shut down when it comes to reaching the lost!  Children from K-5th Grade are encouraged to attend this outside event August 10-14th at church.  Carol Wright, our Children’s Ministry Director, will be leading a cast of volunteers in a fun and exciting time of walking through the life of Jacob.  Even with social distancing practices in place, kids will experience slime, laughter till their sides hurt, and the ability to win prizes, but mostly be able to have their hearts changed for eternity.  Please invite children from your neighborhood in reaching a lost world.

Spiritual Growth is Happening!  Join Us

SEC is not shut down. We are active in growing the Body of Christ for all ages through onsite growth and prayer groups, and Bible Studies throughout the week and on Sundays.  If you are not part of a small group check out what is available by clicking https://salemec.com/available-classes/ for classes, Bible Studies, Prayer Meetings, Children and Youth Classes.

As the pastoral staff of SEC under Pastor Randy’s Leadership we are honored and privileged to encourage, support, and come along side you during these difficult times.  Let us know how we can best serve you in the weeks and months to come.

Lisa Brown – Early Childhood Ministries

Carol Wright – Children’s Ministries

Daniel Lee – Mid High Ministries

Justin Knoll – High School Ministries

Josh Bray – Young Adult Ministries

Jonathan Maurer – Worship Pastor

In Christ,

Jim Neifert

Christian Education Pastor