August 18, 2020

Dear Salem Evangelical Church Family,

  • We are moving church outside this Sunday, August 23, 2020.  Service will be at 9:15. The old tent is going up Wednesday morning.  The maximum capacity inside is currently 100 in phase 2.  The capacity outside is 250.  In addition, we are purchasing radio transmitter equipment so those who want to remain in their cars can do so.  There will be people in the parking lot directing you as to where to park for listening on the radio.  Further, if you want to watch on line with a device you bring with you in your car and want to remain in your car but watch the service at a distance you will be able to do that too.  Further, we will have seating in the lobby for those wishing to wear face coverings who are concerned about exposure around others.  Further, we will have seating in the drive thru covered area for those wishing to stay out of the sun.  The tent will be available as well for shade.  Social distancing practices will be in place both inside and outside.


What to bring:

  1. Please bring a lawn chair to sit on.
  2. Please bring a bottle of water to drink or coffee if you prefer.
  3. Please bring a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.
  4. Please feel free to wear casual clothes.
  • Sunday evening prayer service will begin this Sunday night as well.  We will meet from 6-7.  We will not be able to meet in groups because of social distancing.  The governor has required face coverings to be worn inside.  We can have 100 people in the Worship Center.
  • Wednesday night class will be led by Jim Neifert starting September 9 and run through November 18.  The Truth Project will be the material for those interested.  This is an excellent series sponsored by Focus on the Family.  The subject matter is on a Biblical worldview.  There will be workbooks offered for $10 along with a weekly teaching video and group discussion each week.  Signups will be available in the coming weeks.


In Christ,

Pastor Randy R. Butler