Message from Doug Hoffman of Mercy Inc.

Information on Ukraine, as we know it today, it changes quickly.
Jonathan Long is the OMS Regional leader located in Budapest, 3 hours from a Ukraine border crossing. They have 3 OMS Missions families that speak Ukrainian and Russian and have been called out of Ukraine, and are currently staying in Budapest to lead the project. Yesterday, February 27, they took a van load of food supplies and several cars to the border with Ukraine. They are beginning work with the Order of Malta, a large European relief organization, and working closely with the Ukraine and Hungary governments on both sides of the border. They delivered the food on the Ukraine side and then brought several Ukrainian refugees who were on foot back to Budapest. They housed them overnight, and now the refuge’s all women and children to other connections of friends and relatives further inland.

The short-term plan is to continue to take food and medical supplies to the border and bring back refugees from there. They have an Israel Team coming in this week that will also provide medical assistance on both sides of the border at temporary camps before moving on. The long-term plan will depend on who is in the Ukraine government, but the need will be huge.

Mercy Inc has a regular fund setup for Crisis Relief, and we have the ability to get the funds to where they are needed to front-line Missionaries with Word and Deed focused workers like the Long’s and the Marshall’s and their mission teams. Our Mercy Inc Team is gathering the stories of lives changed as we share with the Word and Deed.

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We will be updating our website and other social media with regular information on what is happening.

Lastly, please pray for the Ukrainian people for peace to come to the nation and their safety. May they turn to God as they seek the eternal peace that only He can give them.

Here is an article shared with me from a Ukraine Pastor that puts it all in perspective.

Doug Hoffman
Mercy Inc