Welcome Back to the SEC Library! We are located in the Hermanson Center by the Front Office. The Library remains a treasured bookshelf filled with materials to encourage, enrich, and strengthen your journey. Persons may find resources to uplift their spirits and light up their minds. We are here to enable you to discover for yourself that there is a relationship between reading and our Christian growth and fruitfulness. We trust we can provide additional and requested Christian materials for instruction, inspiration, and pure enjoyment.

The Library Inventory Binder includes materials by titles and authors. Bookshelves follow the library classification system. The non-fiction sections are Biblical, Law and Prophets and Historical, Doctrinal, Christology, Salvation & Grace, Devotional, Christian Life, Church and Society, Apologetics, Missions, Biographies, Commentaries, and Christian Worker Resources. The fiction section is alphabetical. Currently, the library inventory includes Christian Workers Resources (270 titles), and non-fiction and fiction (1815 titles).

Faith Sills and Diane Kopps are the team librarians. They are responsible for the administration, maintaining an automated catalog system, ordering, documentation, vetting of materials requested and ordered as well as other associated library responsibilities. Throughout the year, inventory will be assessed as to recent and prolonged utilization, wear and tear, and non-use. We welcome suggestions for consideration, completion of a series, or purchase.

We look forward to seeing you in the Library soon.