We wanted to give our Salem Evangelical family a brief update on the Senior Pastor search. First, I would like to say the Lord has been with the Search Committee throughout, and we feel your prayers for us. God’s timing and wisdom are beyond all our comprehension. That said, we were very close on a good candidate. As we went through the intense tedious process of background checks, reference checks, and alignment with The Evangelical Church denomination disciplines, some things came to light that caused the Lord to say this is not the right candidate at this time for SEC.

At this time, we ask the SEC family to continue to pray for the man God has chosen and called for us to declare as our next Senior Pastor as we have no candidate at this time to review.

We are so thankful for Pastor Lew Shelton and the SEC pastoral staff as they lead us during this critical time. Please pray for strength and wisdom for the staff as they lead us through these challenging times. The Lord continues to bless SEC with spiritual growth. Please pray for the Pastor Parish as they meet with Evangelical Church Superintendent Randy Myers to determine how to broaden the search process to reach more potential candidates.

Finally, pray that we all remain patient and wait upon the Lord for His timing and His man for our next Senior Pastor.

-Doug Hoffman
Search Committee Chair