To date, we’ve reviewed nearly 70 applicants. The committee recently had a “first blush” Zoom interview with one candidate and agreed we’d like to have a second interview to go a little deeper, but the candidate withdrew their application. We continue to be patient and wait on the Lord.

For me, it’s a struggle to wait. That’s when I have to back up a bit and remember. When Pastor Randy said he was leaving SEC and announced there would be a Search Committee, I had a fleeting thought, “I wonder if I might be considered for that committee?” That thought was immediately followed by, “What? Why? No thank you!” A few days later, I received a call asking if I would consider serving on the Search Committee. I recalled that “fleeting thought” and agreed to pray about it. I prayed, asked questions about the commitment and process that would be used, and prayed some more. Following time in the Word and through Godly counsel, I said yes to the call. Not because I love committees, but because I want to be obedient to the Lord’s direction.

The committee first met in July 2020. That first meeting, I think many of us thought we’d have a new pastor in place before Randy’s departure. Obviously, that wasn’t the reality, but we praise God for His provision in bringing Lew and Margaret to minister during this interim time. A time we can use wisely by seeking God’s direction moving forward. Change can be difficult, but it can also be exciting and an opportunity to lean in and grow our faith, trusting Him and His faithfulness more. Boy, as a body, we are learning and growing!

To date, we have not found the right man, but I do trust that God knows who he is and that He will reveal all things in His time. Until then:

  • Thank you for your faithfulness to SEC 
  • Thank you for your prayers…we need them! 
  • Thank you for your love, care, and acceptance of Lew and Margaret 
  • Thank you to the many people who have encouraged the other committee members and me during this process 
  • Thank you for serving the Lord – there is no “interim” in God’s church 


In His Service,