We have fun activities planned for Wednesday nights during the summer, for all ages!

Join us @ 6pm at the mentioned locations for dinner, and then participate in our themed activity of the evening!

We look forward to seeing you!

**NOTE** The only activity that is not taking place on church property is on June 23rd, which will be taking place at the Neifert’s (6695 Lardon Rd NE, Salem, OR 97305). We will be picking cherries that you get to take home. Even if you are unable to pick cherries, we will be having youth pick cherries for those who cannot! If you need a ride out there, please RSVP through our church office at (503) 581-0102 as we will be driving a few vans to the location for people who do not have a ride. These vans will be meeting at the church and departing for the Neifert’s at 5:30 PM. Click Here for more event information.