March 27, 2020

Update #5.2

Good morning Salem Evangelical Church Family and Beyond,

I am writing a separate update as I wanted this update to stand on its own so it would gain your full attention and participation.

There are numerous businesses represented in our church family. If you own a business and are open, please send an email to the office ( with your hours of operation, your address, and other significant information that would help us to support your business. If you own a business and are closed but anticipate to open once you are permitted to do so we would like your information as well, anticipating a date when you will be open again.

We MUST support people in business, starting with people we know. We are a family and we must help one another out when possible.

I know that ADAM’S RIB is open for business. Wouldn’t that be cool for hundreds of people from our church to buy from them over the weekend! Tell the employee who serves you at the window that you are from Salem Evangelical Church. You won’t get a discount, but you will be a huge encouragement to Mike and Catrina. They have so generously given to our fundraisers and events and now it’s our turn to support them in a significant way!

We want to do this with all businesses connected to our church family. From this crisis, we will be developing a business directory in which we can support local businesses from our church family, now, and when the crisis ends.

We will put great effort into giving you a business directory update by next Tuesday, if at all possible.

PLEASE SHARE this information from our website with people you know who are local. As the virus has spread so rapidly so can good news, and good will, and helping one another.

Have a fantastic day! God bless you and may God bless the businesses impacted by this crisis.

In Christ,

Pastor Randy R. Butler