Every day we are bombarded with the world’s “truth,” which is actually Satan’s lies, and for many reasons – too busy, too tired, lacking knowledge, too emotional, too lazy, too – YOU fill in the blank, we accept the lies as a measuring stick for our being a success or failure. Our Kingdom Identity gets lost in the mire of the world’s message and Satan’s lies. How do we combat and replace these lies for God’s truth? Through His Word. Through praise. Through time spent with Him and in fellowship with others seeking His presence. Women of all ages are invited to join us October 25-26, as we come together to embrace our Kingdom Identity.

Registration begins in the foyer on Sunday, September 29. Cost: $15 (no box lunch Saturday); $25 (includes box lunch Saturday).



Church Schedule

9:15 AM - 1st Service & Sunday School Classes
11:00 AM - 2nd Service & Sunday School Classes
6:00 PM - Prayer Service

5:30–6:15 PM - Family Dinner in the Activity Center
6:15 PM - Fellowship Time in the Lobby
6:30 PM - Elective Classes

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