Dear Salem Evangelical Church Family: 6-25-20

This is to advise the congregation of Salem Evangelical Church that the Pastor Parish Relations Committee has received Pastor Randy’s stepping down letter as Senior Pastor of our church.

Pastor Randy’s stepping down letter reads as follows:

“Dear Salem Evangelical Church Family: 

With the full support of the Pastor Parish Relations Committee and Conference Supt. Myers, and after 35 years of assignment at S.E.C., I am stepping down as Senior Pastor January 2, 2021.  My assignment from the Lord has been completed at S.E.C.

In Christ,

Randy R. Butler”

It is with a heavy heart that we accept this decision to step down.  Pastor Randy will remain on staff, with December 27, 2020, as his last Sunday as Senior Pastor of S.E.C.

Please join us in fervent prayer for God’s provision of a new Senior Pastor for our church.  In the next few weeks, the Pastor Parish Relations Committee will establish a search committee under the leadership of Doug Hoffman and will work closely with our Conference Superintendent to fill the Senior Pastor position with the man the LORD chooses to lead His church.  We will be in frequent communication with the church congregation to inform you of our progress.

We are very appreciative of Pastor Randy’s service in leadership at SEC over these last 34 ½ years.  We are supportive and encouraging of his decision and will be praying with him for the LORD’S direction and guidance as he continues his faithful service to the LORD.

You may direct your questions or comments concerning plans for moving forward to members of the Pastor Parish Relations Committee:  Vic Troyer, Gwen Scruggs, Esther Parks, Rod Rosenkranz, and Wally Vohland.

Respectfully Submitted,

Vic Troyer

Chairman, Pastor Parish Relations Committee


A letter from Pastor Randy:

“Dear Salem Evangelical Church:

You, the dear family at S.E.C. have a marvelous new chapter awaiting you.  You love the Lord and one another.  You love the Word of God and pray.  You love world missions.  You are generous in the giving of your time, talent and treasure.  You are gracious in giving God all the glory.

Your eyes are on Jesus.  Your faith has been noted in the expansion of S.E.C. over the past years, with facilities locally and globally, influence in your community, and a generosity to single parents and their children that is so very pleasing to the Lord Jesus Christ.

This time of transition can be a season of greater reliance on the Lord to provide your every need including a pastor.  It can be a time for greater faith in God and a holy reason to pray more fervently.  It can be a season of anticipated new vision from the Lord through a servant God has already selected for you.  He will bring fresh messages from the Lord, anointed ministry and potential to increase ministry around the world beginning at home, one soul at a time.

Your future is in the Lord’s care.  It is His church.  You are His people, called by His name for such a time as this.  There are mountains you will climb together, valleys to cry in together and summits to renew the belief that with God all things are possible.

Ephesians 3:14-21 is my message for you from the Lord Jesus Christ as you enter a new season of opportunities with the Lord.

In Christ,

Randy R. Butler”