(Written by Pastor Jim)

SEC’s campus has 90,000 square feet, a robust AC system, and over 500 sprinklers to maintain the grounds. Lee Gabriel oversees all of that and more! He has been an active member of SEC for more than 20 years and has faithfully served as our Facilities Manager for the past decade. Lee consistently does a fantastic job, and SEC is blessed to have him here.

Lee has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the care of the church. During his time at SEC, Lee participated in six short-term mission trips and strategized SEC’s concept of building training centers worldwide to educate local pastors. To date, SEC has assisted in building over 50 worldwide training centers that have impacted millions of people in hearing the Gospel of Christ. When asked what he has seen as accomplishments over these past ten years, Lee gladly points out warn carpet and doors dinged from the heavy use of the building. Lee says this shows the church’s service for Christ.

Over this next year, Lee is moving towards retiring as the Facilities Manager and is looking forward to spending more time traveling with his wife, Mary Ann. Lee’s wisdom for believers at SEC is for both young and old, “For the older believers to continue to give wisdom to the younger people and the younger people to encourage the older people.” He reminds us always to have the common goal of loving people and loving Christ.

If you know of someone who has the skills to care for a large facility and has the heart to serve the Lord in the care of His church, please click here to see the Facilities Manager position.