My name is Daniel Lee and I have been the Mid-High pastor at SEC for almost a decade. I began working with the youth out of a desire to see each of them accept their faith as their own and move toward a personal relationship with Christ—evidenced by a growing in knowledge and intimacy. Over the many years I have heard hundreds of testimonies from youth and seen confirmation in the growth and maturity of their walk with the Lord. Time has proven that there is continual value in the intentionality of family, consistency of a Youth Pastor, and faithful investment of volunteers within the spiritual walk of every youth. But time has also shown that without the support of a body of believers behind each of these, there will continue to be a departure from the church by our youth.

The eldest of my 5 children is in fourth grade, and in a little more than a year’s time he will enter into that tumultuous season known as Middle School. While my wife Rachel and I are committed to intentionally living out a Biblical worldview for the sake of our children; I will continue to be the consistent Pastor I have been to this point, and there are invested youth volunteers to come alongside my son. I earnestly pray that there will be a body of believers that will actively support each of these monumental processes, not only for my children, but all the children of this church.

I cannot claim perfection, that I have all the answers, and I certainly can’t claim that my children will all faithfully walk closely with the Lord all their lives, but that remains the desire of not only my heart, but the heart of every parent. I was called to the youth of this church while I was still in the high school group under Jeremy Green. I served as youth volunteer for more than 5 years before being hired on staff. Now with almost a decade under my belt, I still maintain that my calling is to the families and youth of this church—to see lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Pastor Daniel