Hello! My name is Jonathon Alexander Noble but most people just call me by my middle name, Alex. I am 28, I am the youngest son of John and Kristyn Noble, and I’ve been at SEC for about 24ish years or so. I graduated from McNary High School in 2011 and then proceeded to go all the way to Lee University in Tennessee. During that time I had some pretty fun and unique opportunities including being accepted in a choir that was able to sing at the Presidential Inauguration of 2013. After my brief time at school, I came back to Oregon and began working. Currently I am working at Castle Construction as well as Exitus Escape Rooms/Wreakingballers. While working, I have also been going to the Pacific Evangelical School of Ministry or PESM (to make it less of a mouthful). 

It was around 2014 that I wanted to serve more in the church. Daniel Lee was actually a leader when I was in middle school and became a good friend of mine; serving in the middle school ministry was an easy choice for me. It also helped that a lot of the staff were already good friends of mine. During that time, I started leading worship for the mid high. Having lead worship when I was high school, I was more than happy to help lead the middle school in worship. A couple years later, during a sermon Randy Butler was preaching, he mentioned a church called SonRise Church that needed someone to help with worship. At that moment God called me to go to that church to become a worship pastor. I was leading worship there for about 2 years until God told me to go back to school, which I wasn’t too excited about, and because God knows I can be a bit stubborn, He had several friends of mine tell me about PESM and they encouraged me to go. It was at that time to when God called me back to SEC and to eventually start helping out with SEC’s worship. 

Worship is near and dear to my heart. One of the reasons I love worship is that it brings a sense of unity to all of those that are engaging in it. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you look like, God loves a unified people who give Him authentic worship that comes from the heart. So then when I lead worship, that’s what I try to do. I want to engage with everyone and encourage them to let go of anything that is holding them back so that they can genuinely worship our holy and wonderful God. 

Oh yeah, I also like Star Wars.


Alex Noble