What a glorious night of anointed worship and witness we had at Girls’ Night Out in November. The worship team prepared our hearts to receive Corinne Stanley’s powerful testimony of how El Shaddai, the LORD God Almighty, revealed truth to her, the only truth, His Son Jesus Christ the Messiah. The Lord took her on a lifelong journey revealing Jesus in the Tabernacle, The Festivals, and as our Bridegroom. Through a near-death hospitalization, Corinne was led to her Revealing Journey Ministry of writing and teaching Bible studies, leading retreats, and tours of Israel. Our spirits quickened learning about the Hebrew letter Shin and God’s Name is written on our hearts. Corinne’s closing words at GNO challenged us to stay in the Word of God daily. We were encouraged to start with reading a scripture a day until we are hungry for more and become fully immersed in God’s Word as it becomes a part of us and transforms our life.

-Sandee Christofferson