With Memorial Day Weekend in the rearview mirror and the potential for an adventurous summer before us, thoughts of a road trip or two seemed appropriate to consider. I have to chuckle as I reflect on a few excursions we have experienced. A lesson learned comes to mind.

Possibly you have taken a turn onto an unknown road thinking you were going to shorten your journey or make the trip more pleasurable. It seemed logical enough, even inviting at the time. As your journey continued, you discovered that it was a wrong turn. Though it seemed like the right way to go, it turned out to be rather disastrous. How could such an outcome be avoided? Three things come to mind. First, a map or GPS. Second, help from others more familiar with the road or region. Third, road signs.

The Bible holds tremendous benefit for those attempting to navigate through life. One need not venture blindly or ignorantly through the maze of circumstances, choices, and confusion that often identifies our existence on planet earth. God’s GPS works just fine if we will engage the technology. The experiences and knowledge of others— especially those a little older and wiser—can prove to be extremely helpful in life’s journey. I am always surprised to discover what I can learn if I am just willing to pay attention. Finally, God does offer road signs. Sometimes it is the voice of the Spirit lending a warning, or a bright red stop light standing in our path. We may find detours that seem to hamper our progress but will prove to be divine intervention. Please, heed the signs.

We tend to be logical creatures, depending on our intelligence, perception, and preferences. The problem is, we don’t know all we need to know, and too often we discount the wisdom that has been afforded. God is desirous of helping us travel safely, reaching our eternal destiny with minimal heartache and trouble. No need to be lost, and no need to travel the wrong road. Let’s travel smart.

Pastor Lew