Spring.  It’s incredible!  New life springing from what was once barren ground.  Color invading the drab and bland wardrobe of nature.  Temperatures warming, hearts engaging, activities increasing, daylight hours expanding, and baseball season begins. (Please forgive: just a personal pre-occupation.)  But then, I must add one more factor to the season: allergies in full bloom. 

I believe God would like to birth a fresh springtime in our lives this year.  New perspectives, new ministries, new levels of engagement in witnessing, worship, serving and discipleship.  I believe the conditions are conducive, the environment is inviting and the Spirit is calling.  I want to thank you in advance for yielding to the desire of the Planter and Provider, and allowing the Son to warm your heart to a whole new level of growth and spiritual renewal.  I think I can smell the fragrance of Spring.


Pastor Lew