June 23rd, 2020

Good morning Salem Evangelical Church Family,

This is a reminder that we are having a congregational meeting on June 28 at 6 pm in the Worship Center.

Our agenda will be a hand raised vote for three Trustees of which there are three on the ballot for a three-year term.  (Mark Askey, Steve Medley, Jim Poore).

The Council of Administration is recommending to the congregation a continuation of the 2019-20 budget for 2020-21 fiscal year beginning July 1, 2020, keeping the monthly need at $160,000.  Their thought was with the current uncertainty due to Covid-19 a continuing budget resolution would make the most sense and be the wisest path forward in stewarding our resources.  We have exceeded what was budgeted and anything that comes in over budget will be saved in a trust fund for the congregation to vote on, stewarding those funds later as the Lord directs.  This has been our practice for years.  The budget will be voted on with a raised hand vote as well.

There will be no other business at this meeting.  I anticipate the meeting lasting not longer than 15 minutes. If knowing what will take place makes it better for some to stay home rather than being out in public I have tried to accommodate such concerns.

Only members can vote, though all attenders are welcome to the meeting.  You must be present to vote.

If you have any questions that you would normally ask in such a meeting feel free to email me or call me with your question and I will attempt to answer it before the meeting.  Hopefully, that will help some to feel better about staying at home if safety is a concern.

Have a great day!

In Christ,

Pastor Randy Butler